Top list of the most unusual hotels in the world

The motto of Crane Hotel is “What happens in Crane stays in Crane forever”. The hotel is located on a previously abandoned jetty on the banks of the Ij River (an outdated Dutch word for water) right opposite the centre of Amsterdam. It is said that the most famous people in the world meet here (hinting at royal blood as well) to avoid unnecessary attention and to be sure of privacy. After all, there are only 3 suites and two panoramic elevators that take guests to the crane cabin – there is a Jacuzzi at an altitude of 50 meters.

This hotel, reminiscent of a shipwrecked wreck, is the work of Nina Maritz Architects and designer Melanie van der Merwe. This unusual shape was inspired by the place itself – the famous Skeleton Beach in Namibia. The hotel is solar-powered and there is a restaurant on the upper “deck” overlooking the sandy plain that meets the ocean.

The Bubble Lodge on the island of Mauritius is a hundred percent green. Designed by the architect Pierre-St├ęphane Dumas, the self-contained transparent capsule is air-conditioned and has a large bed and bathroom. Dinner is served here by the chef, but most importantly by an astronomer who will tell you about the most important thing in this hotel: the starry sky, from which the guest is separated only by a transparent thin roof. The capsule is located near a tea plantation and jungle – silence and unity with nature are ensured.

The building, designed by architect Sami Rintala, is immediately impressive: the hotel floats in the trees, thanks to a metal frame attached to the trunks. A tree house in a Swedish forest offers complete privacy, Scandinavian design and northern cuisine from chef Sebastian Grindal, who can teach you how to prepare delicacies of wild berries and game.

Airstreams trailers are a legend in the American car industry. The company, founded by former shepherd Wally Bayam in 1929, has spawned a whole culture of parking houses on wheels – auto-camping. However, AutoCamp’s is one and a half hours from San Francisco, on the banks of the Rushen River, so it is difficult to call it a luxury hotel. The original trailers have been carefully restored, with a clever mid-century modern interior and all possible amenities. The second option is to sit in tents set up immediately. But still, a vintage trailer is much more unusual.

Keemala Bird’s Nests bungalows in Phuket are like the nests of huge birds. Houses lurking amidst the greenery on the hills have everything they need, and more: everyone has a pool and terrace overlooking the jungle and the Andaman Sea.