The most expensive hotels in the world

Have you ever wondered where in this or that country the “powers that be” are staying for the night? First persons of the state, wealthy people will not live in ordinary hotels and hotels, next to ordinary mortals. And the cost of their apartments surprises ordinary people on the face. So, what kind of hotels do millionaires and billionaires prefer? Here, the most expensive hotels in the world. President Wilson Hotel, The Royal Penthouse Suite, Geneva Night in this first-class hotel is worth $65,000. The cost of this truly royal penthouse, which occupies the entire top floor of the President Wilson Hotel, is astronomical. But it’s quite difficult to book. Before you move in, you should contact the general manager of the hotel. The room itself has four bedrooms. You can see Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc from each window. The penthouse guests have six bathrooms at their disposal.

By the way, guests of luxury apartments can be sure of their safety. The room has bulletproof doors and windows. However, the resident does not have to face other guests of the hotel. The penthouse has a private elevator. This room is very convenient for prime ministers and presidents, as from the hotel you can easily reach the UN headquarters. It’ll only take five minutes by car. Four Seasons Hotel, Ty Warner Penthouse, New York. And in this hotel overnight in a comfortable room will have to pay $ 35 thousand. The suite opened in 2007.

The hotel has ten rooms at its disposal. All walls are inlaid with mother-of-pearl pieces. The penthouse has a Zen-style garden so that the guest can enjoy peace and quiet, for example, to think about issues of national importance. Here you can also find a room for spa treatments. In addition, the spacious library offers music evenings. There is a concert grand piano in the hall. Hotel Cala di Volpe, The Presidential Suite, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia is worth no less than $34,000 to stay here. This is a multi-level apartment. And the room has everything you need for a comfortable life for a humble company president or a simple Arab sheikh. Namely: three bedrooms, as many bathrooms, own steam room and gym, as well as a wine cellar.

Westin Excelsior, Villa La Cupola Suite, Rome Room rental costs $31,000 a night. Chic apartments are on the fifth and sixth floors of a luxury hotel. Once in them, you immediately remember the stories of the excess luxury of Ancient Rome. It’s a little too much in the room. There’s a Pompeian-style Jacuzzi, stained glass windows and frescoes, with numerous mythological figures and allegories of modernity.

Here you can see images of Television and Atlas, Neurosis and Hypnosis, Marketing and Hermes. But the big balcony offers a magnificent view – the famous Via Veneto. The Ritz-Carlton, The Presidential Suite, Tokyo. But it’s a little cheaper to stay here. But the price still bites – $25,000 a night. However, this room is worth the president of any country in the world.