3 World’s Most Remaining Hotels

Sometimes in life there comes a moment when the soul demands solitude and calmness. In some it is connected with excessively fast rhythm of life, in others – with excess of problems or conflicts with others, etc. And if you are not going to go to extremes and become the next Robinson Crusoe, hotels are prepared for you, away from the hustle and bustle and where no one will bother you. Here, in addition to silence and relaxation, you will be surrounded by all kinds of comfort that will contribute to the above-mentioned desires.

Explora Patagonia in Patagonia, Chile

Located near Chile’s Lake Peoé and the Cordillera del Payne, the Explora Patagonia is probably the most photogenic hotel in the world. And the nearest town is at least 274 km away.

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The most expensive hotels in the world

Have you ever wondered where in this or that country the “powers that be” are staying for the night? First persons of the state, wealthy people will not live in ordinary hotels and hotels, next to ordinary mortals. And the cost of their apartments surprises ordinary people on the face. So, what kind of hotels do millionaires and billionaires prefer? Here, the most expensive hotels in the world. President Wilson Hotel, The Royal Penthouse Suite, Geneva Night in this first-class hotel is worth $65,000. The cost of this truly royal penthouse, which occupies the entire top floor of the President Wilson Hotel, is astronomical. But it’s quite difficult to book. Before you move in, you should contact the general manager of the hotel. The room itself has four bedrooms. You can see Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc from each window. The penthouse guests have six bathrooms at their disposal.

By the way, guests of luxury apartments can be sure of their safety. The room has bulletproof doors and windows. However, the resident does not have to face other guests of the hotel. The penthouse has a private elevator. This room is very convenient for prime ministers and presidents, as from the hotel you can easily reach the UN headquarters. It’ll only take five minutes by car. Four Seasons Hotel, Ty Warner Penthouse, New York. And in this hotel overnight in a comfortable room will have to pay $ 35 thousand. The suite opened in 2007.

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Top list of the most unusual hotels in the world

The motto of Crane Hotel is “What happens in Crane stays in Crane forever”. The hotel is located on a previously abandoned jetty on the banks of the Ij River (an outdated Dutch word for water) right opposite the centre of Amsterdam. It is said that the most famous people in the world meet here (hinting at royal blood as well) to avoid unnecessary attention and to be sure of privacy. After all, there are only 3 suites and two panoramic elevators that take guests to the crane cabin – there is a Jacuzzi at an altitude of 50 meters.

This hotel, reminiscent of a shipwrecked wreck, is the work of Nina Maritz Architects and designer Melanie van der Merwe. This unusual shape was inspired by the place itself – the famous Skeleton Beach in Namibia. The hotel is solar-powered and there is a restaurant on the upper “deck” overlooking the sandy plain that meets the ocean.

The Bubble Lodge on the island of Mauritius is a hundred percent green. Designed by the architect Pierre-Stéphane Dumas, the self-contained transparent capsule is air-conditioned and has a large bed and bathroom. Dinner is served here by the chef, but most importantly by an astronomer who will tell you about the most important thing in this hotel: the starry sky, from which the guest is separated only by a transparent thin roof. The capsule is located near a tea plantation and jungle – silence and unity with nature are ensured.

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How to choose a hotel: the most important criteria and tips

One of the most important components of a good holiday is to choose the right hotel.

The right choice of hotel is the key to a good rest. We often do not attach much importance to this parameter, but it is the problems and inconveniences during the stay in the hotel can nullify the whole rest. offers several criteria by which tourists should choose hotels.

Waiting from the hotel

First of all, you must determine what you expect from the hotel. Room, service, meals, entertainment, extra services – all this affects the experience of the trip.  

It is especially important to be sensitive to the choice of hotel if you are travelling with children. Find out in advance whether the selected hotel has an animation program for children, parks with attractions, babysitting services. If you go on a sightseeing tour, pay attention to the location of the hotel, how quickly you can get to all the main attractions from there. In this case, the level and category of the hotel will not matter much – in fact, most likely you will only come there overnight.

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5 best hotels in the world

The leading hotel is The Oberoi Udaivilas, India.

Where is: Udaypur, Rajasthan, India.
Cost of living: from 27 144 rubles per day for a double room.
Official site: oberoihotels.com.
Complex Oberoi is located in the city of Udaipur in the former hunting grounds of the descendants of the maharajas. Stunning views of the green garden and Lake Peacola are available from everywhere. The hotel itself looks like a castle, where visitors compare their stay to an Indian fairy tale.

Vintage Oberoi interiors are combined with technical innovations such as a plasma screen TV and an electronic safe. For entertainment, the hotel offers yoga, Rajahstan Folk Dance and master classes in local cuisine. Walks on the lake in a wooden skikara boat leave a lasting impression.

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